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About Xencall

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About Xencall

Xencall is a predictive dialer software with a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management system). It offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) integration with inbound/outbound Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Queues, with a webphone. In other words - Xencall enables you to call your leads and manage your relationship with them effectively!

Xencall has many features and integrations built right in. It is highly customizable and can be configured to meet almost any business need related to making calls.

If you'd like to learn more about our company, please visit our website.

New to Xencall?

Welcome! The articles in the Getting Started section will help you get up and running:

  • Using Xencall - Learn about user roles in Xencall and what areas of the system you'll want to start exploring, depending on your role.
  • System Requirements - Find out the technical requirements for running Xencall and confirm your computer is ready to get started.
  • Logging in to Xencall - Find instructions for logging into your Xencall user account.
  • Navigating Xencall - Learn how to navigate inside Xencall to quickly find what you're looking for.
  • Help Resources - Need help getting started? We're happy to help! Head over to find out how to get in touch with us.
  • Integrations - Learn how to connect integrations to send your Xencall data to other systems.

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