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Managing Background Dialing Speed

Want to manage how many calls the dialer makes per Agent? Learn about adjusting your dialing speed below.

Managing Background Dialing Speed

The Background Dialing Speed Settings enable you to configure Dialing Plans to determine how the AI Dialer dials your Leads. Once configured, Dialing Plans can be applied to your Queues using the Queue Speed Setting

Most Xencall systems come pre-configured with Default Dialing Plans. You can modify the settings on these Plans or create new ones using the Management Options (1) and Configuration Options (2). To access these, first navigate to your AI Dialer Lead Distribution Settings.

Default Dialing Plans

Information about the Default Dialing Plans is provided below. You can make adjustments to these Plans using Configuration Options.

2.5% Autoconfig

The 2.5% Autoconfig Plan is configured using Automatic Speed Settings to enable the AI Dialer to dial Leads based on the Abandon Threshold of 2.5%. The number of calls made will be adjusted automatically (1) to be as close to the Abandon Threshold (2) as possible, so it will vary depending on how many Agents are available and how many calls to connect are required.

Aggressive (Manual)

The Aggressive (Manual) Plan is configured using Manual Speed Settings to strictly dial Leads in a ratio of 3 calls for every 1 available Agent. The Abandon Rate will vary according to how many calls to connect are required.

Management Options

These Management Options enable you to manage your existing Dialing Plans and create new ones.

  • Dialing Plan drop-down menu (1) - Use this menu to select and review the configuration of an existing Dialing Plan.
  • New Plan button (2) - Use this button to create a new Dialing Plan based on the current one.
  • Save Changes button (3) - Use this button to save changes to the current Dialing Plan.
  • Delete Plan button (4) - Use this button to delete the current Dialing Plan.

Configuration Options

Xencall offers you the option to use either Automatic or Manual speed settings for the AI Dialer. While most clients use Automatic, Manual may be preferable for clients who are only dialing a few hours per day or who wish to dial according to a specific calls per Agent ratio.

Automatic Speed Settings

Using the Automatic Speed Settings, you can set targets for the AI Dialer based on the Abandon Threshold.

Enable Automatic Speed

When you check the Enable Automatic Speed checkbox, the AI Dialer will be start off by using your Manual Speed Settings for the first few calls, then adjust itself automatically based on the Abandon Threshold target you've set. 

Abandon Threshold

An abandoned call happens when the AI Dialer connects with a Lead, but there is no Agent available to take the call. Generally speaking, most companies strive to find a balance between abandoning calls and ensuring enough calls are being made to maintain Agent productivity.

The Abandon Threshold field represents the percentage of abandoned calls you find acceptable. The AI Dialer will use this as a target, and try to avoid going over this number when dialing. The default setting is 2.5%, but you can change this to whatever you wish.

Threshold Settings

Using the Threshold Settings, you can tell the Dialer what action to take when it approaches or exceeds the Abandon Threshold.

Manual Speed Settings

Using the Manual Speed Settings, you can set targets for the AI Dialer based on the number of calls per Agent (CPA). 

The default CPA is 3 (3 calls for every 1 Agent). You can adjust the CPA using the Sliders.

If you would like set different CPA targets depending on how many Agents are available, use the + Add button to add new Sliders. Use the x Remove button to remove any Sliders you don't need.

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